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Building on Quality

Building on Quality

SINTRA Construct has been specially created for mechanical assembly and fabrication applications utilized in the retail fixture, construction and transportation markets.

It is comprised of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a homogeneous sheet with a low-gloss satin finish.

  • Very good impact strength and scratch resistance
  • Easily machined and fabricated
  • Provides needed staple and screw retention
  • Highly resistant to moisture absorption
  • No rotting or de-lamination
  • Lightweight yet extremely rigid and durable
  • Heat formable and chemical resistant
  • Easily formed into just about any shape imaginable using wood and foam board fabrication techniques

Recommended Applications

  • Exhibits & Kiosks Long-term application life
  • Framing Long-term application life
  • Signage - Structural Long-term application life

Recommended Fabrications

  • Mounting Cold mounting techniques only
  • Repositioning Vinyl
  • Painting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Routing
  • Forming Curves
Gauges and Colors Stock Sheet Sizes
6mm White 48"x96"
6mm Black 48"x96"
10mm White 48"x96"
10mm Black 48"x96"
12.7mm White 48"x96"
12.7mm Black 48"x96"
19mm White 48"x96"
19mm Black 48"x96"
Product Sheet - SINTRA® Collection

Product Sheet - SINTRA® Collection

PDF 10/20/2019 
Application Guide

Application Guide

PDF 10/20/2019 

Fabrication "Quick Guide"

PDF 10/20/2019 
Fabrication Guide - SINTRA®

Fabrication Guide - SINTRA®

PDF 10/20/2019 


PDF 03/16/2018 
SINTRA® Fire Characteristics

SINTRA® Fire Characteristics


3A Composites USA Broadens SINTRA® PVC Collection to Include Four Product Lines

The SINTRA® Collection of  moderately expanded PVC boards has been broadened by 3A Composites USA to meet a  wider variety of customer needs through four product lines: SINTRA, SINTRA Eclipse, SINTRA Vers (formerly e-pvc™)   and new SINTRA Construct.
Graphic Display USA: Corporate Image Branding From the Inside Out

Graphic Display USA: Corporate Image Branding From the Inside Out

At 3A Composites USA, we recognize that corporate identity is essential to communicating and developing a brand image. As the industry leader for both interior rigid substrates and exterior cladding, our vast versatile product lines are the materials of choice for corporate identity.  

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