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The Hoarding Team Of UK Print Specialists Spiral Colour Create Dibond Hoarding For Trustford

The hoarding specialists at Spiral Colour assist their client in new applications from start to finish. The team is uniquely involved in the hoarding process from its initial design to its installation, ensuring the highest quality finished product. The team was commissioned by Trustford to create and install their Wilmslow hoarding.

3A Composites USA Appoints Personnel To Support Graphic Display Board Lines

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce the following personnel appointments to support sales of the company's lines of graphic display boards - including Fome-Cor, FiberMate(TM), Sintra, Gator, Banova and Dibond - in the Americas.

New PRO Series Is The Next Generation Of Graphic Display Boards With Enhanced Printing Surfaces To Be Introduced At ISA 2017

3A Composites USA's all new PRO Series - the next generation of graphic display boards featuring enhanced printing surfaces - will be introduced at the ISA International Sign Expo 2017 to be held April 20-22 in Las Vegas.

3D Printers Integrate Dibond Aluminum Composite Into Design

YSoft 3D printers utilize the world's most popular three-dimensional printing method, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). The be3D eDee printer was manufactured by YSoft and designed by the company's creative director, Martin ?ampach.

Dibond Helps Solve Global Sanitation Crisis With See Through Loo

In a unique approach to drawing awareness and helping to solve a global crisis, a furniture manufacturer has created a jarring experience for bathroom goers. Germax Interiors, a Sydney-based company that specializes in hotel and office furniture, drew inspiration from Italian artist, Monica Bonvicini. She made a name for herself by building toilet art installations in the early 2000s.

What Will Signage Be Like In 20 Years?

We looked at several trends today to determine what signage might be like for the next generation. Contrary to what one might expect, the future of signage is not all digital billboards. In fact, print signage remains strong for corporate branding, emerging technologies, and even digital retail experiences.

3A Composites USA Appoints Personnel To Support Composite Sales In Graphic Display

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce the following personnel appointments to support sales of the company's lines of graphic display boards - including Fome-Cor, FiberMate(TM), Sintra, Gator, SMART-X, KAPA tech and Dibond - as well as sales of Alucobond aluminum composite material (ACM) in the Americas:

An Incomplete History of Signage: The Evolution Of Sign Materials

photo cred: Pete Zarria via Visual Hunt Signage has reflected man's culture since the earliest instances of trade development. The industry grew and contracted with the development of new signage materials during and after the World Wars. Over the years, the signage industry took off in every major city as signage technology was perfected. From the earliest gas lit signs to colorful fluorescent bulbs, signage weaves its way into the culture of the time.

An Incomplete History of Signage: Part I

"Very few products and services have been in general usage longer than signs."- The American Sign Museum

The Effects of Static Electricity on Digitally Printed Plastic Materials

When an ink droplet leaves the print head of a digital printer, it acquires a positive electrical charge, which allows it to be directed precisely to the point where it needs to be in order to achieve the desired image. If the material that is being printed has residual static charges on its surface, it may lead to detrimental effects on the finished print. This is due to the simple fact that materials with opposite charges tend to attract each other.

3A Composites USA Offers Easy-to-Use On-Line Tool For Selecting Graphic Display Boards

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce that it has updated its interactive on-line Product Selector tool to make the process of choosing one of its graphic display boards easier than ever.

3A Composites USA Headquarters to Move to Statesville, N.C.

Executives at 3A Composites USA have announced that the company's administrative headquarters will be moving from Mooresville, N.C., to offices in Statesville, N.C., effective April 16.
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