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High Performance, Proven Dependability

High Performance, Proven Dependability

Gatorblanks® are thick panels of extruded polystyrene with no facers. Made In USA.

  • Perfect for signs, displays and dramatic in-store lettering
  • Lightweight yet durable, and easy to cut and form

Flammability Characteristics

  • Combustible

Recommended Applications

  • P-O-P Displays Medium-term application life
  • Exhibits & Kiosks Medium-term application life
  • Signage - Interior Medium-term application life
  • Signage - Exterior Medium-term application life

Recommended Fabrications

  • Mounting
  • Painting Do not expose core to solvent-based paints
  • Knife Cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Routing
Gauges and Colors Stock Sheet Sizes
1/2" White foam 48"x96"
1/2" Black foam 48"x96"
3/4" White foam 48"x96"
3/4" Black foam 48"x96"
1" White foam 48"x96"
1" Black foam 48"x96"
2" White foam 48"x96"
2" Black foam 48"x96"
3" White foam 48"x96"
3" Black foam 48"x96"
Product Sheet - Gator®

Product Sheet - Gator®

PDF 02/13/2018 
Mounting with GATORFOAM

Mounting with GATORFOAM

Mounting with GATORFOAM

Mounting with GATORFOAM

Fabrication Manual - Gator®

Fabrication Manual - Gator®

PDF 12/05/2017 


Gatorblanks® SDS

Gatorblanks® SDS

PDF 05/01/2018 

Graphic Display USA How To: Cutting Gator™ Products

Gatorfoam® products are normally cut with equipment used in the woodworking industry. However, it may also be cut satisfactorily with hand tools or other specialty tools. Two of the Gator™ products, Gatorplast® and Gatorblanks®, may be cut with thin hand-held or machine-held blades such as mat knives, razorblades, and utility knives.
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