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Spanish Designer Creates Stunning Lighting Series With Dibond ACM

Nistal Pompei Dibond Lamp Lighting Series
Nistal Pompei Dibond Lamp Lighting SeriesEducated as a mechanical engineer, Mario Nistal began a design career in furniture and lighting, where he created his own company Nistal. Nistal has a series of unique lighting concepts, utilizing innovative materials in the lighting industry, including fabric and aluminum composite material.

As manufacturers, discovering new applications for our materials is always interesting and to see the growing use of Dibond aluminum composite (ACM) used in the lighting industry is compelling. Dibond is primarily used as both an interior and exterior signage material but has gained a rapid traction in the European furniture market.

ACM is not the typical lighting material but has major benefits to its use. Because of Dibond’s polyethylene core, the material can withstand temperatures of over 175˚. Additionally, its lightweight and malleability allows the material to be contorted into interesting geometries without creating a lot of residual material.

Nistal Pompei Dibond Lamp Lighting Series

The Pompei and Pompei Duo series by Nistal are composed of Dibond aluminum composite. The designer states, “The lamp evokes the historical past of Vesuvius erupting on Pompei. Its side opening represents the falling lava when it is on.”

Nistal Pompei Dibond Lamp Lighting Series

Information and Photography courtesy of © Mario Nistal/Nistal

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