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Scottsdale Artist Uses Dibond As Substrate For Incredible Multi-Layered Art Pieces

Emily Randolph, Fine Arts, Mixed Media, Dibond, Sintra Board, Graphic Display USA, Artisan HD PrintingEmily Randolph is a mixed-media artist who’s complex works are both colorful and captivating. Producing dozens of pieces annually, her works employ dimensional layers. The layers feature a variety of medias from dried flowers, textured glass, and pepples/stones. Randolph notes a single source of inspiration…happiness.

Her works are affixed to a Dibond aluminum composite substrate, which holds the various layers due to its rigidity and inherent strength. The aluminum faced Dibond, with its polyethylene core, hold the specialized UV-cured ink and enable luminosity, which is vital to her pieces. Her three-dimensional works, backed on Dibond and often Sintra PVC Board as well, feature hand finished layers that are sculptural in form by often utilizing real flora and fauna.

Originally, Randolph utilized an aluminum material from abroad that would dent, therefore she searched for a material with the strength of aluminum that was also lightweight and weatherable.

Emily Randolph, Fine Arts, Mixed Media, Dibond, Sintra Board, Graphic Display USA, Artisan HD PrintingWorking closely with Arizona print specialists, Artisan HD, Randolph discovered Dibond as the ultimate substrate for her art. She explains, “I consider them [Artisan HD] to be my partners, as their state-of-the-art technology and talents have enabled me to stretch as an artist. In particular, my unique sculptures of acrylic-in-relief over Dibond and acrylic are a true collaboration. Artisan helps me bring my visions to life in ever dramatic ways, and I can’t wait for our next creative venture together.” 

In one particular piece, a 20×30 piece called “Seascape,” Mike Goldner of Artisan HD explains, “We added a museum-back via 3M VHB tape to the back of the panel –the bond is superior as the backside is very smooth.”

Furthering explaining the intricacy of her works, Goldner describes, “Emily embellished the print with fireplace grade glass beads and adds a clear varnish/top coat over the entire print to get it to look like glass, she then goes over the clear-coat with a torch to release any bubble…its laborious on her end, but the end result is stunning.”

Emily Randolph, Fine Arts, Mixed Media, Dibond, Sintra Board, Graphic Display USA, Artisan HD Printing

Each Randolph piece is vibrant showcases her interpretation of happiness through layers of light and natural elements. Her works have gained national recognition and even landed her a new endeavor where she will create numerous replicas of her “Lotus Flower” for a major franchise.

all information and photography courtesy of Emily Randolph

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