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Promotional Hoarding Design Allures with Vibrant Illustrations Mounted to DIBOND® Aluminum Composite Material


Containerville, a Max Barney Estate development, provides affordable self-contained office spaces for start-ups and small businesses in East London. A neighborhood formerly recognized as London’s manufacturing and industrial hub has been transformed over the years into a cultural arts and innovation center. A recent marketing campaign for the real-estate development utilized a hoarding design which adopts a trend-forward approach and speaks to the local community’s artistic fluency. The design was managed by Art Director and Partner at OneAnother, Paul Hamilton. Paul had previous experience branding former campaigns for The Estate Office Shoreditch and was contacted once again for the new development – Containerville, managed by a former Estate Office Shoreditch member and now entrepreneur of the Max Barney Estate. Paul commissioned Chris Bianchi and Stephanie Von Reiswitz from LeGun who also had experience in previous campaigns, to produce a palette of nearly 100 individual illustrations which would then be colored and combined to create a variety of marketing materials.


The hoarding design fabricated by Electro-Tech Colour Ltd measures 104 feet long and was first printed to self-adhesive vinyl, then mounted to DIBOND® and sealed with anti-graffiti gloss. Paul explains the importance of the substrate, saying “DIBOND® is waterproof and looks brilliant printed. Britain is fairly wet so the former is essential.”  

(DIBOND® is an aluminum composite material consisting of two pre-painted sheets of 0.012-inch aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core — a unique composition that makes it approximately one-half the weight of aluminum. As the flattest panel on the market, DIBOND® offers a superior surface for direct digital-printing. It also can be routed and returned to add dimension or roll-formed to deliver sweeping curves. DIBOND® offers outstanding durability in outdoor applications and won’t bow or oil can.)

Not only did the final design include colorful illustrations, it also integrated CGI and photography of the development which Paul seamlessly accommodated at the request of the client. Darren Connell, Account Manager, Electro-Tech Colour Ltd, attested to the quality of the work stating “Throughout my time within the print and design sector, I have seen many types of artwork, although no artwork has been so vibrant using a different range of colours and characters as with Paul’s artwork. There were smiles all round here at ETC when we finally observed the finished product installed.”


Enlisting individuals who worked on previous campaigns allowed for continuity and branding for building wraps, banners, web assets and social media macros spanning years long. One Another’s branding approach can be seen in their previous works of Halloween and Christmas themed designs for The Estate Office Shoreditch. “This approach of having a palette of illustrations allows for almost infinite reinvention; it also helps my client pay once for original illustrations they can use for years to come.” Paul Hamilton, One Another.  

Information and Illustrations Courtesy of Paul Hamilton/OneAnother

Photography ©JuliaHamilton/OneAnother

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