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Italian Design Firm Creates Lamp From Single Sheet of Dibond ACM


Italian firm-ZPSTUDIO has focused on commercial, corporate, product and architectural design since 2003. Their creation of an iconic table lamp, Zeta, is part of their ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection that features small-scale Italian production and craftsmanship. The ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection embodies a unique relationship between traditional Tuscan crafting techniques with materials used in industrial production.

ZPSTUDIO explains the Zeta lamp was designed with sustainability in mind utilizing a single sheet of Dibond aluminum composite material (ACM). The panels interlock so no hardware or adhesives are necessary in its assembly. The ability to be self-assembled from a flat-pack also decreased shipping costs, as minimum space is needed in distribution.

Dibond is composed of two pre-painted sheets of thin aluminum with a plastic core. And while used primarily in applications such as signage, displays, framing, it is becoming increasing popular in alternative applications like furniture and houseware designs.

information and photography courtesy of © MOCO LOCO and ZPSTUDIO


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