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Dibond Helps German Designer Create Compact Functional Closet

Aluneed, Mortiz von Helldorff, furniture, Germany, Dibond Aluminum Composite
Aluneed, Mortiz von Helldorff, furniture, Germany, Dibond Aluminum CompositeGerman-based product designer, Moritz con Helldorff, and his team create furniture, lighting and other accessories. Utilizing cutting-edge production techniques, the team is committed to both “traditional craftsmanship and modern design.” In one of his independent projects, Helldorff created the Aluneed, a multifunctional closet space for the German consumer. The fully functional closet, according to Helldorff, is “designed to hold the clothes of an average German man.”

Aluneed, Mortiz von Helldorff, furniture, Germany, Dibond Aluminum CompositeIts sleek design utilizes both aluminum and Dibond aluminum composite material. The vision for the closet space was to create a compact design, to fit into urban dwellings. Helldorff describes the design as being similar to a Japanese divider system, used in the country’s traditional residential construction. Additionally, the piece is mounted onto 12 wheels that create easy transportation.

Helldorff further states, “Alu Need is made from aluminum Dibond, a composite material that is extremely light weight while being impressively strong at the same time.”

Dibond’s light weight and unique durability is due to its construction, utilizing an outer shell of thin aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. The core allows the material to have half the weight of traditional aluminum, while also providing the flexibility and durability needed in the production of furniture.

information and photography courtesy of studio mortizvonhelldorff

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