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College Seeks Help of Large Format Experts For Rebranding Project Using Custom Dibond Tray Signs

Rochester Independent College Kent, Exterior Signage, Wallace Print, UK, Dibond Aluminum Composite Tray Signs
The Rochester Independent College in Kent sought the help of their long-time large format print supplier Wallace Print during their rebranding project. The team at Wallace Print has spent years as the College’s primary digital print supplier and knew consistency was the key to the rebrand.

The school wanted to keep their signature colors but was hoping a rebrand would entice passersby by enlisting Wallace Print to create a series of stand out exterior signs.

Wallace reps explain, “To make sure we achieved the vibrant orange of the college’s logo we used a Pantone matched solid vinyl which we plotter cut and applied to the face of the Dibond tray sign.”

The representatives at Wallace further explain, “Following a site survey we supplied grey powder coated aluminum tray signs with 50mm returns that we color matched to their supplied references.”

Rochester Independent College Kent, Exterior Signage, Wallace Print, UK, Dibond Aluminum Composite Tray Signs

Although the team offers a DIY install option, supplying full installation kits to clients, they installed the college’s tray signs as well a large frosted window logo graphic at the school’s entrance.

The trays are offered in a standard white but can be powder coated to match any desired color. They are fabricated utilizing Dibond aluminum composite that is cut and folded into a tray or pan, which creates an added dimension to any sign. Wallace representatives further describe, “The returns can be any depth giving a really chunky profile to the sign tray.”

The trays are often vinyl wrapped with either vinyl or digitally printed letters, digital printing is direct to tray. The experts at Wallace can produce the trays at any size with any depth return.

Dibond aluminum composite is often the premier choice for suppliers for exterior signage as its lightweight and durability allow the material to withstand external elements and last longer than traditional signage substrates.

information and photography courtesy of Wallace Print

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