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About Us

With the recently completed acquisition of Alcan Composites by Schweiter Technologies, a Swiss company, executives are pleased to announce that the business now will be known as 3A Composites as it continues to manufacture and sell its well-known product lines for the graphic display, building cladding, furniture, home construction and transportation industries. 3A Composites employs 2,700 employees in 21 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Sales and marketing offices for 3A Composites USA are based in Statesville, N.C. The company’s leading product brands sold in North America, Central America and South America, including the Caribbean, include: Alucobond®, Dibond®, Fome-Cor®, Sintra®, Gator®, Gator-Ply®, Syn-Ply® and Luxcell®.

Manufacturing facilities for these products are located in Benton, Ky., Glasgow, Ky., and Statesville, N.C.

The 3A Composites name is reminiscent of the three powerful company brands which preceded it: Alcan, Alusuisse and Airex.

“Our new business name reflects our organization’s unequaled reputation for quality in the industries that we serve,” said Brendan Cooper, president, 3A Composites USA. “While our overall business name will change,customers in each of these industries will still be able to rely on our trusted well-established product lines. Our customers will continue to derive high value from the world’s leading composite substrates.”

“Our highest priority at 3A Composites will continue to be to meet customer needs with value-added products backed by outstanding customer service,” said W. Jay Wynne, vice president, sales and marketing, 3A Composites USA. “Although our company name has changed, the familiar names and faces in our customer-focused organization have not. As 3A Composites, we stand ready to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for high-quality products and service.”

Our Values

At 3A Composites, we share common values of integrity, accountability, trust, transparency, and teamwork that will guide us in our dealings with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Integrity: We believe in operating with integrity in all our business dealings. We conduct ourselves in a responsible fashion as outlined in our Worldwide Code of Employee and Business Conduct, which also applies to our contractors, consultants and suppliers.

Accountability: We also strive to be openly accountable and willing to align decision-making power with responsibilities at all levels of our organization. For Alcan employees, accountability entails honouring commitments and accepting responsibility for our actions and behaviour.

Teamwork: We believe in leveraging the abilities of our employees, suppliers, contractors, customers - our many stakeholders - through a cooperative team approach to problem solving and project implementation. Interaction with other group and team members is a vital part of everyone's job.

Trust and Transparency: At the core of all ethical business dealings there must be trust. Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments. To accomplish this we must also be transparent in the way we communicate with others, providing timely and accurate information.

We will also achieve our full potential by being:

  • Value and customer-driven
  • Results-oriented
  • Proactive
  • Innovative and open-minded

Our commitment to environmental, health and safety care is non-negotiable.


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